Hump Day Hooray!

Well here we are…it’s hump day! The week is nearing completion. Since we’re a pair of people who enjoy alliterations here’s another one: Wellness Wednesdays! Cass Elle is, admittedly, the more qualified WW poster. I am working on being healthier, but sometimes find myself at the bottom of a tub of ice cream, not knowing how I got there (new phone, who dis?). However, Cass’ work week has taken a turn for the insane and she absolutely does not need to write a post about wellness – it wouldn’t be very healthy.

So here I am. Writing about wellness….So I’m going to talk about wine.

This morning, my iPhone lit up with a notification: the LCBO is only 9 minutes away! I don’t know for sure, but I think my phone wanted to get me drunk at 9:14am. Getting wasted before a workday is not a “well” thing to do. So, I obviously didn’t go to the LCBO.

I have recently cut my drinking significantly. While I wasn’t an alcoholic, I was certainly packing in the unnecessary calories with wine more often than I should. I couldn’t drink just a glass. It was a bottle. I guess this is how it begins – the crutch. A nice glass of red certainly helped cure a bad day. Perhaps my warning bells should have been sounding a lot sooner.

My roomie and I tend to be both positive and negative motivators for each other. When one of us drank, we both drank. And we perpetuated the cycle in one another. Then one day we both looked into our mirrors and disliked what we saw: two beautiful girls….with wine guts.

Cass got the memo sooner and she started by cutting out alcohol and exercising more frequently. Soon, I jumped on the bandwagon. I personally began drowning my bad days in a glass of Ovaltine. And because we hadn’t reach a point of no return, the excess drinking was pretty easy to forgo, relatively speaking.

A couple months ago, I was not well. My drinking habit had reached a point where it could spiral into something destructive. It was important to taper my consumption. But tonight, I may just have a glass of wine.

Why? Not because my day is bad. Not because I need it but because I like the taste of a rich, red wine. One glass is enough to savour the flavour. It’s warm, inviting and a nice way to finish a day. A few months ago, wine had no flavour anymore. There is something wonderful about being able to, once again, enjoy the taste of something I like.

So I suppose my little “WW” note is really about balance. Yes, sometimes you have to cut things out. But often, it is about offering a little balance and centring your life. My Oma used to say “everything in moderation.” And while I personally wouldn’t extend this to absolutely everything, I will extend it to my nice glass of Portuguese red.

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