Update – Purple Baby Blanket

I made the post last Tuesday about the blanket I was making for a co-worker. The next day, I was informed that the due date was being bumped from March 11th, to an induce date of March 2nd (Friday!!), and that I better get hooking. So I did.


I stayed up until two in the morning to make sure that the blanket was ready for Thursday morning. Despite having an extra ball (of the wrong wool), I almost ran out and was playing chicken while making the boarder.

Speaking of the boarder, I have never done a reverse single stitch, or a ‘crab stitch’ before. Despite some of the more technical things I’ve done with crochet in my experience, this was a surprisingly daunting stitch. I’m not sure if it’s because it was 12:30 at night and I was tired, but going backwards was definitely a challenge. It does give the blanket a bit of a rustic and homemade feel though (which probably has more to do with my late night loose hooking and chunky wool, than the stitch itself!)

I must say, I’m pretty proud of it. Very simple pattern to follow, comes together quickly, and looks absolutely lovely.


Baby E graced the world with her first breath on Sunday, March 4th. All of the blessings to her, and my co-worker’s family as they start their journey with their first little one!!


(for information on the pattern, and the yarn used, see this post)

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