WIP – Springfield Baby Blanket

In my last post I said that I planned on making another blanket like my purple baby blanket for my other half. Then, my other half reminded me his sister is seven months pregnant, and I have a baby shower to attend on the 25th. Needless to say, my plans have changed a tiny bit. What is still true, is that this project is my first Caron Cakes project!

When I set out to make this blanket, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I went to Michael’s, and waited for something to jump out at me. I mostly missed out on the Caron Cakes frenzy when they first came out, so I spent a lot of time perusing them, trying to think if there was a nice pattern I could use any of the colours for. When I saw the Strawberry Trifle, I couldn’t resist. It immediately made me think of the mama to be, and I knew this was the yarn for her baby.

Now I needed a pattern. There are thousands of patterns out there, written specifically for Caron Cakes. I had a couple different patterns already pinned to my Pinterest board that involved the yarn, but none of them felt like they matched the colour scheme of Strawberry Trifle. So, I specifically searched for patterns involving my colour, and boom, there it was!

Row 22 (give or take)
Row 21 (give or take)

Here is Katie’s Springfield’s Baby Blanket at approximately row 21 or 22. This pattern is available for free from her blog, or from Ravelry(and Katie if you see this and I linked you wrong, let me know, I’m new to this!!). When complete, it makes a cute little row of flowers, which I think is perfect for the little spring princess I’m expecting to meet next month.

So far, this has been an incredibly easy pattern to follow. The biggest challenge so far, is all the counting. I’ve frogged a few times due to losing count, which is my own fault, considering the pattern specifically recommends using stitch markers. I think a huge part of the ease, is how the pattern has been set up. There’s pictures to go along with rows that require any specialty stitches, and within the pattern, the specialty stitches all link up to a photo examples of how to create them, which are also included right in the pattern.

Leaf and stem details

The leaves were definitely challenging the first time through. It took a few times to really get it, and mine are far from perfect, but I like them.

The baby shower is next weekend, so I have my work cut out for me to try to get it finished before than, considering I have a business trip next week. I like having something to crochet when I fly, but I prefer having personal projects with me, or things that aren’t such on a tight time line, just in case something happens. Fingers crossed next week I’ll have a completed blanket to show off!!


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