A Hero to Save Me

The nearer we draw to the Battle for Azeroth’s release, the staler Legion becomes . I love you Blizzard, but I have hit a bit of mental wall. When gaming begins to feel more like a chore, you know you’ve burnt out. And this is where I am: the thought of logging into any of my WoW toons exhausts me.

If only a hero could swoop in, boost my spirit and smash my walls with their iron firsts. Oh wait. There she was, in gleaming white, brave and strong – Johanna. Her Heroes of the Storm incarnation beckoned me to battle. With the tremendous roar of her battle cry, I began a new journey into the land of MOBA.

maxresdefault (1)

So I suck. I am aware that I lack skills in the HoTS department. The style of play is completely new to me and I am still adjusting to the controls. I haven’t read up on which talents are better for each character yet – I assume this will be helpful research eventually. But here is what I’m loving about Heroes of the Storm:

  1. Quick and dirty:  The matches are fast. You don’t need to play for an hour to accomplish something. I can easily play 5 matches after work and feel successful.
  2. Variety: I don’t need to  commit a ton of time to one or a few characters. Flipping around from hero to hero is easy and you don’t loose progress by playing another one.
  3. Smashy Smashy: I love to smash things, ok? This game provides ample opportunity to smash, hit, punch, stun, kill…..I’m not a violent person. Promise.
  4. Strategy: Yes, you DO have to use your brain a little. It doesn’t always come down to your level. You have to work as a team and carry out a bit of a structured plan.
  5. Every round is different: It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a map that I’ve played a hundred times – your team is different, your opponents are different. Every game offers new challenges and situations. I’m sure when I’ve been playing for years the freshness will fade, but for now, there is a new excitement with every game.

I have lofty dreams of getting really good at the game…someday taking the HoTS world by storm. Honestly, those hopes are very unrealistic. Right now, this little MoBA is a ton of fun and just what I need to chase away the end of Legion blues.

If you’re a Heroes player and have ANY tips for a newbie, please drop me a line at: tanksinheels@gmail.com or comment below. I’d love to hear some tips and tricks of more experienced players….because right now I’m bumping and grinding it at just above beginner level AI matches. But hey, it’s fun! And that’s the most important factor, right?

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