WIP – Springfield Update

Just a quick little update about this blanket; I’m not done

I leave tomorrow for NYC, and despite a late post, and working on it all weekend, it looks like it won’t be finished for the baby shower, which is a little disappointing for me. Usually when I put my head to it, I can push through and finish a project, but this trip I’m taking for work this week has thrown me off my usual game. I also may have drank a little too much Saturday night, and frogged a portion of the blanket, as well as had trouble with the main flower because the directions obviously made no sense, and it had nothing to do with the wine I had with dinner …

That’s a story for a time when I’m not scrambling!

row 38
Sweet little buds, gave me no trouble at all!

Above is the blanket at row 38, just before the first ball ran out(I’m currently on two balls, but I’ll use a third, as I want the blanket a little longer). The buds are so sweet, and were the least of my troubles so far. I’ll make a proper posts when it’s complete, as half finished photos really don’t give this pattern justice.

Until soon!

(If you’d like more information about the pattern and the yarn used, visit my first post about this blanket, here)

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