Sewing Challenge! Paper Cuts – Kochi Kimono

Since moving back to Toronto for work, my sewing machines have been seriously neglected. I’ve made some curtains, fixed raw edges on some things, patched or repaired items, but over all, my ‘to sew’ pile has grown enough to fit in a small dresser, and spill over into some totes. I have a cocktail dress, cut and ready to be pinned and built, and a playboy bunny styled bodysuit, I was building for my Halloween costume, forgotten about since I broke my hand in October.

While crocheting is something I absolutely love doing, and it’s by far a little easier, sewing is something I’m wild about. I’ve made hundreds of things, items for both myself, and commissions. I’ve made costumes, and blanket sets, and wedding dresses, and home decor, whatever someone could think of, I could usually find a way to create. It’s something I miss doing, and don’t do, under the guise of not having enough time.

In order to hold myself accountable, I’ve decided I’m going to start making things, and to really drive it forward, I’m going to let Anna pick patterns for me, and then I’m going to spend some time writing about the project she’s picked, and than do up a makeshift guide to what I’m doing. This way, even if it takes me two months to make something, I’ll be spending more time with my sewing machines, as well as working through my fabric stash. With any luck, I’ll get some inspiration, and I’ll be able to slowly work through my ‘to sew’ pile, as well as add some neat things to my wardrobe!

I sent Anna a few websites I like for PDF patterns (my preferred pattern method). She chose a pattern from a website called Paper Cuts, a company from New Zealand run by a couple of boss women who were looking to fill a gap in the pattern world with more modern wardrobe pieces.

Now, there’s something to be said about a friend who knows you well. She chose the Kochi Kimono Pattern for me, which is the pattern that originally drew me to the site. A kimono is something I’ve wanted to add to my wardrobe for a long time, but I’ve never found one in a store I’ve really fallen in love with. Working on this pattern will give me a chance to build it, and then alter either the garment or the pattern to my needs in a kimono, and I’m excited.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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