New Idea …

So things got busy, for both of us, which reasonable, is not a valid excuse. Anna and I have discussed, and we feel like we bogged ourselves mentally by trying to create a schedule and features, and we’ve both decided, fuck it. We’re both A-type personalities, and we forget sometimes that things need to just be allowed to flow, and and move organically, rather than keeping everything in a controlled environment.

I will write about my Red Paw Test, results and full feelings and experience with electro-dermal testing. How my fitness routine has changed after a major update to Asana Rebel, and a minor injury (hint: I have four pounds to my goal!). I will share my current creative projects, which I’m very excited about.

What I’m really excited to write about though, is butter tarts. They’re possibly one of my favourite baked goods, that I’ve been living without because there’s egg in the filling. This week I went on a crusade to find an egg-free filling, that wasn’t a vegan recipe, and managed to find some success. I plan on making a second batch, with some alterations for flavour, and I actually can’t wait to take a million pictures and tell you all about it.

And butter tarts are kind of my meth, so, FUCK IT, I’m making meth.


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