Update: Charizard

On July 11th, I made a quick post on Instagram on my starter Pokemon. I had finally acquired enough candies to turn my baby into a Charizard.


His IV isn’t great, his moves aren’t perfect, but he’s been my baby since the beginning. He was my little Charmander, and he spent a great deal of time walking with me to get to this point in his pixelated life. In fact, we walked a whopping 205km together to get here.

This weekend, I marked one month of walking around with my Charizard. Every candy I get, goes into power him up, including all my rare candies obtained with research and raiding.

And here he is folks, one month later.


We went from 205 km, to 361 km in a month!! That’s 156 km walked in a month, with the app active. I’m actually a little scared to check my google fit data, to see how much I’ve actually been walking.

It’s hard not to want to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having in Toronto, when I know that soon enough winter will be on our doorsteps. Hope everyone out there is also enjoying some time in the sun with their buddies, real or pixelated!

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