Why My Roommate is the Best: Corpse Flower Edition

I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this human in my life, but she’s kind of the best. Despite the crazy happenings in our work lives, our personal lives, and us being outnumbered in our own apartment, all the fighting and bitching, and cyclical venting, and low-key drinking to ignore our obvious substance abuse issues, Anna Mai NEVER ceases to have my back, and take care of me, when I fail to take care of myself.

That text exchange occurred in the middle of yet another bicker text fest of us huffing and puffing at each other, even thought we’re not mad at each other, just mad at everyone else, but no one understaaaaaaaands us, so we yell at each other, then someone says something beautiful like that, and we remember how much we care about each other.

Take care of the people around you this weekend. Reach out to an old friend, or hey, even tell your roommate how much you appreciate them keeping your rent low month after month. Happy Friday friends, and safe weekend!

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