Update: Charizard

I missed my monthly check in with my Charizard last month, because of the Celebi quest line. For the first time since the buddy system started, my precious baby was left behind while I walked down some Eevees, which was strangely emotional. I’m also battling with a incredibly persistent back injury(that I’ll be writing about a little later this week), which has put my kilometers behind. As of this morning, we stand at 486.1 kms walked together though, and that isn’t even the best news!


At level 34, and powered to the max, he sits in sixth place of my highest CP roster, which, people keep arguing, is a waste, since while I can use him to take gyms (his attacks are for offence), I can’t leave him behind to defend. Which is just fine by me, because I do prefer him by my side.

The other note to that though, and a major reason as to why despite the constant walking I have no candy, is that I’ve been able to spend the past month raising another Charizard to be a defender in gyms. The Kanto event that just ended gave me the opportunity to find a relatively decent IV Charmander in a raid, while being able to collect enough candy through catching and distance trades to get him evolved pretty quickly. I’m actually pretty excited for him, as he’s almost max level as well.

And to take this post in a completely opposite direction to where anyone would think this would go, Anna sent me a great Buzzfeed quiz last week regarding Pokemon: Which Pokemon Are You In The Sack? And guess what!


Thanks, Buzzfeed, for making all my dreams come true. I think it should go without saying that the link to that quiz has some NSFW content, but if you’re a Pokemon fan, I’d highly recommend the quiz for the laughs. Everyone in my household has done it, with varying and hilarious results, which might be the pick me up you need if you’ve got a case of the Mondays.

Happy week to you all!

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