Tuesday Salad: Pizzaiolo

As promised, here we are, Tuesday Salad. Last week, the office ordered pad thai, and I was on an errand when it was ordered, so I got left out of lunch. This week, I was very much present for ordering lunch. Today, we got pizza. We usually get party trays, so there isn’t a lot of selection for me to really have a chance to be sad I’m not eating pizza, but we ordered a side medium Hawaiian, which is normally my weakness. Not today though.

Let me present to you, Pizzaiolo’s Greco salad.


I’d give this salad a 6.5/10, and I think I’m being generous, especially since I could smell pizza while eating it. I’m always grateful when a salad isn’t iceberg, but that’s really where a lot of the good qualities of the salad ends. The tomatoes weren’t super ripe, and the olives were definitely canned. There were specks of feta, like someone just tossed a spoon in as a “Oh shit, I almost forgot!” gesture. It was a packet of Renee’s vinaigrette dressing on the side, which I can’t say bad things about, except for the fact that they do have a Greek salad dressing, so it’s just a little lazy to give me a balsamic dressing for a ‘Greco’ salad.

Now, why am I judging a salad from a pizza place so harshly? Unless the place gets their salads pre-made from their produce suppliers (which would be incredibly sad), the ingredients in a salad, are the same ingredients that they put on the salad. If your produce isn’t ripe, or from can, how good can your pizza really be? I’m not asking for whole kalamata olives, or tomatoes out of a garden on my pizza, but a salad doesn’t have to lack flavour because it’s not considered a fun food. I think even the way it was, if there was actually some feta, and greek dressing I easily could have enjoyed it more. The other thing that was really lacking from this particular pizza place, which I found strange, was there wasn’t a protein option for my salad either.

Over all, I didn’t hate the salad, but it felt a lot more like a supplementary salad, than an actual meal. It was tasty, for sure, but definitely didn’t fill me up. If we do this place again, I’ll need two salads, or I’ll need to eat some of the pizza, which kind of defeats the purpose.

More salad coverage to come …

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