Tuesday Salad: McDonald’s

McDonald’s day is a really hard day to say no to, let me tell you. McDonald’s is one of the few fast food treats that I do indulge in. I really like their sausage breakfast sandwiches, and if it’s a rushed kind of morning, I do like to make a pit stop for one, and the largest coffee known to man.

This isn’t the first McDonald’s lunch we’ve done as an office, and normally, I won’t lie, I get two sausage sandwiches and a coffee for lunch when we do it. However, with my current back injury (that I keep promising to write about), and my limited mobility as well as being told I’m not allowed to be working out, indulging in McDonald’s isn’t really a thing I should be doing.

So let me present to you the I’m Greeking Out Salad.


As always, I’m not endorsed, this just happens to be where my office ordered lunch. 

This salad was actually really good, and much like the Starbuck’s salad, it actually filled me up, and was almost difficult to finish. You have two options, grilled chicken or crispy, and in the name of not indulging, I got grilled, which I think was actually a really appropriate choice for the salad. It was romaine lettuce, not iceberg, which was nice, and there was a healthy balance of veggies and feta. The quinoa was a nice touch, as it helped fill me up as well.

Like with all salads though, what you have to watch is your dressing portion. It came with a pack of Greek dressing, but under no circumstances did I require the whole portion. Even for a sizable salad, which this was, you really only need a couple tablespoons, and from the photo, you can see just how dressed it was, even with maybe a quarter of the package. With salads, that’s where the calories add up, how you dress it and with how much.

Hands down, I would eat this salad again. I was actually shocked at the quality and how delicious it was. I remember eating a salad from McDonald’s years ago, and being so disappointed, but this salad really hit the spot. I think the key to the success of this salad is McDonald’s doesn’t have a very extensive salad menu, so the few salads they do, they are done incredibly well.

So, if you need a salad fast, and your options are drive-thrus, this is the salad you didn’t you know needed. Give this one a try if you haven’t!

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