My first Sinnoh Stone Pokemon!

Unfortunately, my poor Charizard doesn’t have much of an update. Leveling gets a touch tricky now that I’m 35, so he’s still maxed with the same move sets. Getting more kilometers has proven to be tough, even with the new Adventure Sync feature. My back is healed up, and getting a little stronger every day, but as suspected, my back injury stemmed from my body compensating from a knee injury, so I’m still in physio, and trying to take it easy, especially when it comes to walking.

In my short adventures though, I did manage to find a Sinnoh Stone! It was incredibly exciting for me, especially since I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much of the game lately, between my injuries and the weather. Following the current meta recomendations, as well as the candies I had available, I made the choice to evolve a Roselia into a Roserade!

I’m incredibly content with my choice. This was definitely an evolution I have been looking forward to, mostly for aesthetics, so the fact that she’s top tier in the current meta is a HUGE bonus for me. I haven’t had to much time to take her out and use her, but I’ve left her around town a few times, especially in gyms that seem to be full of nothing but the new evolutions.

I am lucky enough to have another Sinnoh Stone at the ready. My brother very kindly traded me a shiny Murkrow last night, so despite being on the second tier, Honchkrow will be next, as soon as I have enough Pokemon together for a lucky egg evolution party. I’ll update when he’s joined the family!

Who’s your favourite Sinnoh evolution? Who have you been dying to evolve? Let me know!!

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