And 2019 Starts Like They Always Do ..

As promised, I am keeping up with Wellness Wednesdays. I had a great post planned, and was excited to write and post, but this week has been a whirlwind between work and medical appointments, so I think a friendly reminder that wellness does include self-care is in order.

I have a long history with poor health and the beginning of the year for some reason. Between my social media accounts, all my January memories seem to be of antibiotics, braces, and waiting rooms. It would seem this year is no different for me, and I’ve been having some issues, and I’ve been in and out of doctor’s office every day this week. Thankfully, nothing seems to be too out of sorts, or in the words of the doctor today, “nothing looks sinister”.

As a new year starts, I always seem to forget how much the holidays take out of me. This year, there was a lot of back and forth between families and friends, plenty of overindulgent eating, poor sleep cycles, the list goes on and on. When I returned home to Toronto, I immediately dived back into my life and my workload, and didn’t really give myself any wiggle room to really settle back in to things. Re-settling should have been especially important now that I’m permanently working from home and have a completely new routine to discover.

I was thankfully given some pretty good news, and a generally clean bill of health today, with some firm self-care directions. Tonight, I have physio therapy. Tomorrow, I’m off to get my YMCA membership, and the rest of the week will be dedicated to doctor’s orders. Hopefully my new specialist will have good news for me in the coming weeks as well.

While I’m incredibly grateful that I don’t get the winter blues like most people, I do have to remember that getting run down is just as bad, and I need to keep managing it the best I can. So, as a friendly reminder to you all, from someone who wore themselves out less than ten days into the new year, remember to stop and breathe for a second! Pause, reflect, drink some water, take a nap. The holidays are never as restful as we thinking, and we all need to take our time getting back into the grind.

Hope everyone out there is settling back into their lives and work safely! Until next!

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