Quick ‘Gaming’ Update

Judging by how we’ve been writing, it would seem that Anna and I have stopped gaming. This is not entirely true, though, it feels like it’s been years since I’ve been to Azeroth. The summer was just so busy, that we skipped joining into Battle for Azeroth, opting to resubscribe over Christmas to check out the expansion, but that didn’t happen either. It’s really difficult at this point to say if we’ll go back to World of Warcraft, but let me tell you, neither of us have given up gaming.

The Canadian winter has put us into hibernation mode, so our Pokemon Go adventures have been halted slightly. We both missed the community day event, two months in a row actually, primarily due to the weather. While I do have some fun news in Pokemon Go to share, it’s been a little quiet and slow there as well.

We have, however, still been gaming. Our Steam accounts are getting a good workout, and hopefully we’ll be ready to share the adventures we’ve been up to soon, both in solo play and co-op play. As always, I made a couple purchases during the Steam Winter Sale, as well as a couple during the Thanksgiving sale that I haven’t written about yet. The games I’ve been discovering are fun, and quite thankfully casual, as my life has been in overdrive the past few months.

So keep your eyes peeled, in the next couple weeks, and maybe if we’re real lucky, Anna will even record some of the stuff we’re up to!

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