The Waiting Continues …

We haven’t forgotten about the blog, we’ve just been forgotten about.

Apparently, domain transfers can take upwards to fifteen days. In my professional experience, I have NEVER waited this long for a domain transfer. Quite recently, I transferred a domain to Squarespace (where we will be hosting going forward), and it took less than twenty four hours to complete.

The good news is, the website is essentially built, due to our downtime. There will be a bit of scrambling at first, as we import things over and make sure links and images are working, but the intention is to continue to use WordPress for it’s blogging functionality, and use Squarespace as the backbone for the website. It’s typically recommended to host on WP and subhost to SS, but for our own personal reasons, we’ve decided to work it the other way around.

So please, continue to be patient! We’re incredibly excited for the changes, and we hope you are to!

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