Duolingo – 50 day streak!

I’m feeling pretty proud of this one – a 50 day learning streak in Duolingo(though I’m sure by the time this actually publishes, I’ll be a few days off it, I’m still very badly sitting on drafts without publishing!). I’ve used the app for almost a decade, working on a variety of languages, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully dedicated to 50 straight days of using it.

I consider myself pretty lucky, I absorb languages relatively easily. My biggest issue I find when learning a new language is having the right outlets to actually use the language, especially in an environment that encourages new learning, and doesn’t punish mistakes. A few years ago I actually finished the Portuguese tree (before the made some updates, so I’ve since lost my golden owl), but I’ve mostly lost it all, as I had no one to really converse with. I’ve spent a great deal learning Spanish as well, and while I had more people in my environment to use the language with, I never really felt confident using it(though, arguably, I’ve retained quite a bit of it, and can still make it by with rudimentary skills if necessary!).

The big language over the years that I’ve always passively done lessons in, but never completed is French. There was actually a period of time that I was considered fluent in French, I lived in Quebec for a time, and actually had some trouble transitioning back over into English. But, like the Portuguese and Spanish, it’s been easily lost over the years with lack of use.

This time though, I’m pretty determined. My motivations have shifted a little, from learning a language for fun, to having a pretty solid purpose for getting my French back speakable terms – but that’s for another post. It’s funny how life events, no matter how big or small can really start to shift how you view your ‘fun’ activities.

I think the best part of this current streak I’m on, is that my boyfriend is now getting involved. He isn’t playing everyday, but I love that he’s trying to get back into it as well. Last winter we went on a streak together, and we were using Duolingo nearly everyday for French, while I was yo-yoing around with Spanish and Portuguese as well. It’s just especially nice having a small thing we do together with the current state of emergency the province in under – it definitely helps having extra little things to do together to make the time go by faster!

For now, I’ll just celebrate my 50 days. I’ll write again soon about Duolingo, a little more a review of the app itself. As I mentioned, I have technically finished a language tree, and now that I’m back learning it, there are certainly some perks and quirks that I would like to point out to anyone thinking of using this learning tool, and it’s not fool-proof by any stretch. While I have learned a lot using this app over the years, it does leave a lot to be desired. As I said though, I’ll save all that, for now, and just celebrate keeping at it for as long as I have so far!

Until next!

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