75 day Streak!

I am so happy that I’m continuing to make progress with my French. On top of making a 75 day streak, which I thought was pretty unthinkable, I’m also sitting in Diamond League, which is the top league, and have been there for a couple weeks now! All around pretty exciting, on the surface at least.

Getting from 50 days, to 75 days, was admittedly a struggle. I went from being super motivated, and productive, to barely completely a lesson day. Yes, I am in Diamond League, but keeping my experience high enough to keep out of the demotion zone is a daily battle.

I thought that with quarantine, and ‘extra time’, I’d feel more productive, and more motivation to get things done. I figured keeping my regular schedule would be easy – things haven’t changed too much for me. I’m still working, from the same home office I’ve been working in for months. The biggest change has been that I don’t go into Toronto anymore, which I figured I wouldn’t miss to much, but it turns out I do. I miss my colleagues, even if I was only seeing them a few times a month. I miss jetting around town to meetings and appointments, and seeing how tight I could make my day to get the most out of being in Toronto. I miss having dinner with my sister to avoid the highway at rush hour. I miss that feeling of peace that would rush over me as I turned the car off in the drive way, signaling another hectic day done.

Now I can barely muster ten minutes a day to ‘work’ on a language I already know how to speak.

I also seem to have found myself in an incredibly aggressive bracket, which doesn’t help. I’m wondering if I ended up here based on past week’s experience and progress. The people in the top five of my bracket are all over 10k experience for the week – they’re clearly feeling pretty motivated while on lockdown. The rest of the bracket seems to be performing at a level that I’d expect, but it’s hard to feel motivated when I know my measly 400 exp will barely keep me out of the demotion zone, let alone anywhere near the top ten.

It’s definitely been a strange 25 days, navigating all the changes that have occurred, and it’ll be an even stranger 25 days ahead, getting myself to my 100 day streak. I’m still pretty determined to stay on track with at least some daily practice, though I wish I felt more motivated to complete more.

I hope everyone out there is continuing to keep safe, and you’re accomplishing everything you need to, even if all that is, is getting out of bed and eating cold leftovers! Be kind to each other!

Until next!

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