Happy Easter!

We made it to Easter – despite a lot of crazy things going on in the world. This year has certainly put up a lot of obstacles, and brought a lot of hardship to most of us. Today is a perfect day to remember to reflect on the good things going on around us.

Maybe some of you are still working, keeping our communities stocked, safe, and functioning (thank you!!)
Maybe some of you are finally get that time off you kept saying you were going to take.
Maybe some of you are finally spending time with family you haven’t seen in a long time.
Maybe some of you are finally alone, and loving every moment of it.
Maybe some of you are learning that you’re not too bad of a cook, and that you shouldn’t have ordered out so much.
Maybe some of you are learning how bad of a cook you are, but are enjoying supporting local restaurants in their time of need.
Maybe some of you are taking this time to finish a craft project, learn a new language, clean your home, or other projects that you’ve forgotten in the busy flow of life.
Maybe some of you have done absolutely nothing with your time home (which is also so, so okay!)

Maybe you’re having trouble feeling grateful, or feeling like there’s any good out there right now, which is also very okay in these troubling times.
Maybe you’re an exhausted nurse,
Maybe you’ve been denied assistance and finances are scaring you
Maybe you’ve lost someone.
Maybe you’re tired of people like me, trying to see the best in the absolute nightmare we are living through right now.
I see you to, and right now, while you’re pushing through to tomorrow, remember that there are plenty of people out there who see you, love you, appreciate you, and you are the reason they are grateful for something today.

Reach out today, tomorrow, and everyday to the people you love. Remind them where you are, remind them you’re there for them. Not all of us can be humbled, and feel loved in the current state of the world, and if you’re feeling love, please share that with those around you!

And of course, if YOU dear reader need anything, please reach out, in the comments, or on twitter or Instagram. If you just need to vent, or would like an invite to the next round of Jackbox I host, I’m here for anyone that needs a little extra love, especially if you’re feeling alone. The only way through this is together!

Until next! ❤

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