First world corona problems: lack of grocery supplies

Is anyone else still having trouble finding things at the grocery store? I have a huge list of not just baked goods that I’d like to make, but I’m also starting to struggle with just getting staples to make dinner. How is it that we haven’t run out of Doritios, but I can’t find a bag of flour, or the pasta I need anywhere?

We do a dinner rotation in our house, and I’m pretty good at planning a head what I’m going to make. I’ve been struggling to get the basic ingredients I need just for a plain ol’ Bolognese pasta bake. Even when I was at Shopper’s for a toiletries run, they’re still completely out of paper goods, and their small grocery section was struggling.

But, I was able to get my yogurt!

How is everyone else doing in lock down? Struggling to find the things you need to make dinner, or have you start getting take out again?

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