Daily Routines and Lock down: Greek Yogurt

At least for this Wednesday, it’s a bit of welcome back to wellness routine.

The more I use Duolingo, the more I feel personally attacked sometimes. This one really made me laugh though. Why yes, Duo, yes I do eat yogurt every day, and I’m not totally sure why you need to be involved. Just like you don’t need to tell me to stay home, or that you’re going to see Paris. Though, I must admit, finally having a few practical phrases in another language is kind of nice, considering I don’t know anyone who has a pet owl.

A lot of my daily habits have really suffered with being in this state of lock down. I’m staying up late, and sleeping in too much, binging too much Netflix, slacking on my physical activity, and definitely not being productive in areas that I’d like to be. The one habit that I’ve been working the hardest at maintaining though, is my eating habits.

I quit drinking nearly a year ago – and due to other circumstances, that’s actually been a pretty easy one to stick to, despite being locked in, and something I’ve been enjoying immensely. My eating habits though … That’s been a little tougher to stick to. My issue mostly is that I feel like I’m not getting enough calories, or enough of the right calories. The one thing I seem to always get right though, is breakfast.

Every morning, without fail, I have a bowl of plain Greek yogurt, with fruit. Sometimes it’s an apple, or oranges, or both. Maybe a grapefruit, or fresh berries. Sometimes it’s a handful of something frozen. Some mornings, I’ll have cottage cheese instead, or I’ll have to push myself through a container of just plain yogurt, because Costco’s dairy aisle was full of people and I just grabbed the first yogurt I saw. On even rarer occasions, I make breakfast quinoa with fruit and cinnamon, but of course, it’s got a healthy dollop of Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt was always something that I really loved, but almost felt guilty for indulging in. It’s seemed frivolous, or a waste, and I always worried I wouldn’t eat the whole tub, and if I bought a tub, I wouldn’t eat it quickly because paradoxically, I was worried I’d eat it too quickly. However, quite by accident, it became a staple in my routine, and if I don’t have my bowl of yogurt when I get up in the morning, it’s almost worse than missing my first cup of coffee.

With the lock down, and access to certain stores or foods restricted, it’s somehow continued to be my one constant. My Kirklands Greek Yogurt has long been gone, replaced by a tub of Liberte, or whatever else is plain and available. If I do happen to see it in a store (which thankfully has been more frequently!), I make sure to grab two, the responsible limit at the register, despite knowing I could quite possibly go through it well within two weeks. I try to portion it responsibly as well now, trying to make a tub last a little longer, in case there isn’t any the next time someone goes to the grocery store (as I’ve been put on a ban from leaving the house, for my health).

The best part about my morning yogurt, is it helps bring back some semblance of normalcy. It’s one of my old routines, and keeping that routine is comforting in these strange times. Out of all the things I’ve lost, can’t do, or are just plain gone, my little breakfast bowl every morning is something that happens, no matter what seems to be happening in the outside world. While I’m sure it benefits my physical health, it’s clearly been benefiting my mental health as well.

Do you guys have any daily habits you’re trying to upkeep while in lock down? Are there daily habits you’ve been avoiding? Maybe you’re trying something new! They do say that it takes 21 days for a new routine to stick. I’d love to hear what you all have been up to, and how you’re keeping well!

Until next!

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