Charizard Pikachu!!

Just a minor Pokemon Go update, for now.

Yes, I’m still playing. I will post a proper update soon, I promise. I’m working on quite a post about my Charizard, especially since I haven’t written about my favourite buddy since the buddy system got a total re-vamp, which I absolutely love.

I haven’t found it too difficult to keep playing during lock down. I live in good proximity of three gyms, and a few stops along the way if I’m going a loop. My loop takes about forty minutes, give or take, and if I only do two gyms, it’s much less than that. I’ve been taking advantage of the 1 coin packages, and doing a lot of playing at my desk while I work. I did go on a bit of a hiatus, so I’ve got a few of the research quests to catch up on, which has been nice to do.

I do want to highlight how ridiculously excited I am about this silly Pikachu though. I never really read through the news or announcements, and don’t follow any blogs about upcoming events, so oh boy was a surprised when this little gal turned up on my radar. I kept seeing the silhouette of a new Pokemon, but the weather’s been pretty cold and rainy, so I wasn’t wandering too much. Then, one morning, out of nowhere, there she was. I was way more excited than I should have been, considering she’s got a CP of 11, and her stats were so terrible I’m sure Blanche was laughing behind her hand as she was reading it out to me.

I’ve since caught a few better ones.

I will say, I’m a little disappointed that they can’t be evolved into a Raichu with a Charizard hat, though, slightly grateful at the same time, because my Pokemon inventory seems to have a very large number of Pikachus and Raichus in silly hats. I’m a little biased, and this would be my one that I would want as many Pokemon as I could master wearing Charizard hats, but, again, very grateful I only have to try to get a good enough version of one (though, I’ll probably be that person that keeps a male and female because of the tail difference).

How is everyone else doing while playing in lock down?

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