Buddy Update: Feebas (or, why my Charizard Update is delayed)

I swear, Charizard is still my favourite buddy, and likely always will be. However, there has been a slight hiccup in my plans to keep walking him, which is incredibly unfortunate. Instead, the past few weeks found me walking a Feebas.

Since I keep playing on and off, I am in a constant state of trying to work through the special research. I have recently found myself on stage two of seven of the ‘A Thousand Year Slumber’ research set, which requires evolving a Feebas, which is something I have already done, so I know it’s not an easy task. The weather was pretty miserable here while I was trying to accomplish this, making the walking part to get the candies very difficult, so I was relying really heavily on the collection of rare candies – which was also made difficult, because it was tough to get out to raids.

I think the biggest challenge with trying to get the 100 candies for evolving the Feebas, is the 5km per candy. I know, with him as my buddy, I can get him ‘excited’ and it will lower the distance I need to go to obtain a candy, but for whatever reason, I really don’t want to engage with this fish. I miss Charizard, and want to be working on getting him to Best Buddy. I did start doing the swap back and forth for a while – giving Charizard candies, playing with him, then making sure I was swapped back to Feebas while I was out and about. It was still a little upsetting.

I do now have my new Milotec, and while he’s not as good as my first one, his stats are pretty good. Someone has also pointed out the “Best Buddy” achievement to me, where I’ll need to get 100 pokemon to Best Buddy, so I guess this could possibly be the start of a great friendship, even if it’s a passive one. It certainly won’t hurt to keep throwing berries their way, even if I don’t spent much time with them anymore!

And I promise, I will write about my Charizard, and a bit more about my feelings on the not so new anymore buddy system.

Until Next!

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