My Best Buddy Charizard

You all had best believe my first buddy was my starter Charmander, now Charizard. This guy gets to retire in style with his shiny best buddy ribbon on his chest. Of course, I don’t mean he’s actually retired. He mostly hangs out defending gyms now, showing off his ribbon.

This was some dedication. He’s powered to his current max with my level. We spent 221 days together, and have walked 1142 kms. That’s approximately 5km a day when averaged out, though I know there were days when my pregnant brain would forget to swap him after 6kms, and him and I would just continue off into the literal sunset together.

The most impressive stat I think I have with him in his buddy index, is that we visited 51 new places together. I feel like all the other daily buddy tasks were pretty simple to do with Charizard, but getting new places that often? It was some work to say the least!

Charizard has been my old faithful, tried and true friend. It feels weird knowing I’ve essentially maxed his potential, and it’s not completely useful to walk with him anymore – especially when the best buddy achievement is to have 100 best buddies. Though, admittedly, he’s just the first of what I’m sure will be more than just a few Charizards as best buddies.

Who was your first best buddy, or are you still working on a favourite friend? Let me know!

In addition, I’ve purged some inactive players off my friend list, and have some space for new friends! I’m racing to 40 for the legacy achievement, so feel free to add me for gift exchange! At this point, I need to get approximately 245k exp a day to get there …. so we’ll see .. !

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