Community Day, December 2020

This community day, I told myself I was going to dedicate HARD to the two day event. I was going to collect all my missing shiny Pokemon, I was going to catch up on my experience, and just in general get my play on. I knew I wouldn’t get much egg hatching done – the dreary winter weather has started – but I figured I’d at least get through my 2km egg collection.

Oh boy was I wrong.

The past few community days, I’ve been picking up the extra research, and this month, I was playing fast and loose with my timing.

If you care to take notice, this was taken Sunday evening, literally a minute before the event ended. I was hunting that last Magmar with all I had, and thankfully, as I took the screenshot of near disappointment, my phone vibed at me, and sure enough, there was my blessed (no star!) Magmar, ripe for the catching.

Saturday went well enough. I got my missing shiny Rhyhorn, Piplup and Seedot. Missed out on an Abra and a Ghastly, though I’m not too upset truth be told. I was able to get a second shiny Weedle, which I was pretty stoked about, since my first green Beedril was promised to my husband. But a good day of Pokemon Go comes with costs. I heavily depleated my storage and berries and pokeballs, as well.

Then Sunday happened. I’m not used to two day events, and Sunday is usually catch up day on chores and errands around the house. I popped the app open while I was folding laundry in the afternoon, and when a Porygon showed up, it clicked. It was already pretty late in the day, but I popped an incense, and basically was just hoping for the best. The first part of the quest was easy enough – things I needed to catch were spawning. I just needed to prioritize my catching to the things I needed for the quest due to my lack of supplies. Of course, while the quest wasn’t active, plenty of Magmars were spawning, but when I needed them? Of course not.

For once I was thankful my son refused to take his afternoon nap, which meant a late afternoon walk to get him to go down for a bit. He was asleep almost immediately, and I was able to hit up a Pokestop dense area to hunt my last couple Electabuzz, and essentially all of my Magmars. It was so close to the wire of the event! I’m not sure if the event actually ended at five, as all of the community day Pokemon kept spawning, but I know the ticket said it was only good until five o’clock.

My biggest disappointment, was no shiny Electabuzz. I missed that community day, and was really hoping to make up for it this time around, but I just didn’t have the luck. Even once I stopped catching them to preserve my pokeball stash, I kept checking them as I walked, but no such luck! My first shiny Weedle did turn up in the wild, so hopefully I’ll have that luck with the Electabuzz, though, it’s a much less common Pokemon to find out in the wild.

How did you all fare for the final community day of the year? Any great catches?

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