About Us

“/taNGk/ To persevere through a bad situation that would normally depress or discourage anyone else. Derived from the MMORPG term “tank” that refers to a character role that soaks damage but fails to die” – Urban Dictionary

Anna Mai and Cass Elle first met playing World of Warcraft. Their friendship expanded beyond Azeroth as they became roommates soon after meeting. Both Executive Assistants by day, they came home to purge their frustrations onto dungeon and raid bosses. In a game dominated by men, they were never afraid to be powerful women who punched, hit and cleaved their way through to the top.

Bosses and quests don’t just exist in games. Cass Elle and Anna Mai have become like sisters, partaking in and being privy to the ups and downs in each other’s lives. In 2017 they decided to take to the page and begin sharing their journeys via the millennial, somewhat narcissistic and self absorbed method of an online blog. Tanks in Heels was born: a personalized, publicized way to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions and conclusions on anything and everything. Welcome.