Wellness Wednesdays

And 2019 Starts Like They Always Do ..

As promised, I am keeping up with Wellness Wednesdays. I had a great post planned, and was excited to write and post, but this week has been a whirlwind between work and medical appointments, so I think a friendly reminder that wellness does include self-care is in order. I have a long history with poor […]


Why I (sort of) Gave Up Yoga

I’ve been working through this post in my head for a while, and while difficult, I’m finally writing it.  Due to a back injury, I gave up yoga. No extensions, no back bends, no warrior or planks. Nothing at all. Let’s go back to July, shall we? I had finally done it, a perfect month. […]


Update: Charizard

On July 11th, I made a quick post on Instagram on my starter Pokemon. I had finally acquired enough candies to turn my baby into a Charizard. His IV isn’t great, his moves aren’t perfect, but he’s been my baby since the beginning. He was my little Charmander, and he spent a great deal of […]