One Week – Luna Fofo

So, as of Friday, it was one week with my Luna Fofo. It recommended that I wash my face twice a day with it’s nubby little vibrating silicone self, and not recalculate for two weeks. Well, I couldn’t wait two weeks. I developed a pretty bad rosacea flare up on my cheeks, and the skin around my mouth and chin were so dry it was like sandpaper. I wanted a new verdict, and it turns out, yes, my skin did in fact get worse in the week that I was going through this process.

The only saving grace to my dry skin and rosacea patches, was I purchased the accompanying exfoliating cleanser to go with the facial moisturizer, the St. Ives Avocado and Manuka Honey cleanser (it smells super yummy, which is only one of many reasons why I would recommend trying it!). I used it once, on Thursday in the shower, and saw almost an instant reversal on the rosacea patches. By Friday evening, post Fofo scrub, the patches were back, and so was the dryness.

At the time of writing this, it’s been two days since I’ve used the Fofo, and my skin has almost gone back to normal. No visible rosacea, or dryness, though my skin is still pretty rough. Two days without the Fofo, also means two days without my Saje soap bar. The website, and packaging says it can be used daily, and even the person I spoke to in store said it could be used daily, even in a face routine. French Green Clay, which I have discovered after some research, should only be used MAX once a week. I have quite literally been removing every last drop of moisture from my face, twice a day, without realizing it, and then getting frustrated at my cute little Fofo for sitting on the counter, mocking me.

So, amid the quarantine, I am back to the drawing board.

I really loved the routine of the Fofo, and I have missed it these past couple days. I am now in the routine of moisturizing my face, morning and night, which certainly won’t hurt it. I unfortunately can’t use my new St. Ives cleanser with the Fofo as it has walnut shells for exfoliating, which can damage the silicone. So, this is an experiment that is on hold, until I can find a more suitable daily cleanser for the process. For now, my focus is just going to be getting my poor dry face back to it’s normal state, and hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to find something to try this experiment again!

Until next!

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