Since downloading and beginning to use Asana Rebel, I have dedicated to doing yoga every day, whether it’s five minutes or forty five minutes. Since January 17th, as the image shows, I have completed 211 workouts, totaling almost 60hrs. I haven’t missed a day yet this month. Didn’t miss a day once I start in January, and my February has a perfect record.

How about my March though?


I remember March 9th very well. I got home from work, and immediately ate four mint thins, and curled up in the fetal position on my couch. My boss was on a business trip, his last before his two week vacation that was starting on the 13th. We were in the height of preparing and setting up our New York office. I was trying to coordinate his plans, my travel plans, a variety of things involved for setting up a business, on top of all of my usual duties that encompass my week. I was exhausted. I remember my boyfriend pouring me wine, and patting my head. I was at my ropes end, and I could barely hold my head up, let alone hold any kind of yoga pose.

March 22nd was the day I flew to New York. I got up at 3:30 am for my 6:00 am flight. When I landed and arrived at the hotel, there was some confusion with my check-in, so I skipped the hotel, and headed to my meetings for the late morning afternoon. When my check-in was finally confirmed, I had to get ready for the event I was going to, and suddenly, my day and night were gone. I remember a very specific moment while sitting in the jazz club I went to, and panicking because I hadn’t done yoga.

For a brain that loves analyzing data, that calendar is hard to look at, especially when they’re the only two missed days in three months. It hurts, that even with all the progress, and pushing, I missed two days. Could I not have mustered myself for a measly five minutes to move my body?

Well, yeah, I could. And I did.

Side by side, that is respectively the data from March of 2017 and March of 2018 as pulled from my Misfit app. I could look at my yoga tracking, and be disappointed in myself, or I could look at my actually activity for the month, and be blown away at how far I’ve come in a year. Despite thinking back to my memory of March 9th, and feeling so low about it, it wasn’t my worst day of the month. March 22nd was my highest activity day of the month, and so far, my highest of 2018.

I still struggle to make my daily goal of 1000 points (approximately 10,000 steps), but from the data, it’s clear I’m making a lot of progress towards that daily goal. March felt like a really low month for me, energy and activity wise, but by comparison to the year previous, I’m making incredible progress.

At the end of the day, every journey is personal. We all have goals, and an idea of how to get to that goal. I think it’s important not to dwell on our perceived failures, and to celebrate the milestones, no matter how small. And yes, deciding that you need to sit on the couch and eat cookies and drink wine is something to be celebrated, because you are recognizing where you are at, and what you need in that specific moment, not just for your body (rest), but for your mind.

If I can’t get a gold star for #yogaeverydamnedday, I can at least get one for wine drinking!


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