Corona, pt. 1

I’m sure this will be my first post of many revolving around the current pandemic. While not in any kind of self/needed isolation, I am essentially quarantined to my home for a few personal and medical reasons. This is going to be a challenging two weeks – maybe longer.

Work has screeched to a halt. Working from home, I was hoping that I’d still have a few things to do, but for the time being, it looks like all operations have come to a still for now. My current boss’ family may require support over the next couple weeks, but that remains to be seen. I’d obviously be available provided they need anything, but aside from that, I have no work for now, which is already starting to make me go a little crazy.

Grocery stores are bare, I’m seeing my friends struggle with their children and child care options, others, like me either have extremely reduced hours, or no hours at all. Events people were looking forward to are now cancelled or postponed, people are separated from their families because of quarantines, and states of emergencies are being declared all over the place.

However, there’s more positive than negative, so, so, so many more positives than negatives, as long as you look for them.

I’m listening to the recording of Ben Gibbard’s first “Live From Home” session, and I can’t help but be absolutely grateful for so many things. First, for my sister who sent me the link, reminding me he was doing this, so I can set an alarm every day. Not just me, or my immediate family, but as of the time I’m writing this, everyone I know is healthy. My loved ones abroad have booked flights home, and plans in place for their arrival and subsequent quarantine, and they will be safe. My household is large, and active, which means I couldn’t feel lonely or isolated if I tried. The fridge and the freezers are stocked, we don’t need to leave for days if we don’t want to.

I’ve been talking to friends more – checking in and catching up. I’ve been making care and craft packages for my friends with children, and finally burning through my seemingly endless amount of crafting supplies. I’m planning and actually catching up on my own crafting that’s gotten so far behind, including finally charting some baby blankets for some little ones who will be with us very soon.

The love and gratitude I’m feeling is actually overwhelming – something I don’t think would have been the case if we weren’t in this situation. I think it’s so important to be reflecting on the little things right now, despite the chaos going on around us.

Hope you’re all keeping healthy and sane out there!!

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